Theory of Relativity in Brief

Theory of Relativity in Brief

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In this article, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity will be discussed in brief.

Relativity was developed by a famous German physicist, Albert Einstein. Some contributions of Hermann Minkowski, Hendrik Lorentz and Max Planck is also there.

Theory of Relativity comes in two different ‘versions’ – ‘Special Theory of Relativity’ and ‘General Theory of Relativity’ or simply special relativity or general relativity. By name, special relativity seems to be more complex than general relativity, but actually, special relativity is much simpler than general relativity.

Special relativity is called ‘special’ because it is applicable only on objects moving with a constant speed. This is a very rare or ‘special’ case because in our universe hardly anything moves with a constant speed, almost everything accelerates in our universe.

General relativity is applicable on objects moving with a constant speed as well as accelerating objects. Acceleration is a common or ‘general’ case in our universe.  Continue Reading ?