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About Us

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Developed by Madhur Sorout 
© Madhur Sorout and Maddyz Physics

Maddyz Physics is a science website founded by Madhur Sorout on January 15, 2018.

We’ve started this project “to make the world understand that there’s a reason behind everything”!

The blog keeps the users updated with the latest science news and also features  descriptive articles from a range of topics of Physics, Astronomy, Cosmology, Mathematics, Technology, Engineering and Chemistry for general readers (Laymen).


Founding Members

Madhur Sorout

Founder and Chief Editor

Madhur Sorout is the ‘team leader’ of Maddyz Physics. He has started and manages Maddyz Physics. He is currently a high school student in grade 11 studying Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics and Chemistry.

His main fascination lies in Physics mainly in the field of general theory of relativity and topics related to it like Big Bang, Black Holes and Evolution of Universe. He likes to make out the meaning of what he see in this universe. He loves to read books by Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson and other authors (and Physicists). 

He is an atheist and believes that Physics completely rejects the idea of a god. A diehard fan of fiction, he also likes to play cricket also and he wants to continue down the route of research in Theoretical Astrophysics.

Based in Palwal, India.

Sanchay Upadhyay

Executive Editor of Engineering and Technology

Sanchay is a grade 11 high school student studying Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Based in Indore, India.

Siddavatam Sathvik

Executive Editor of Physical & Mathematical Sciences

Sathvik is a grade 11 high school student styding Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

He firmly trusts God and takes pleasure in exploring the creation in the “scientific way”. He writes his views on Physics, engineering and other bizarre topics.

Based in Raipur, India

Sameer Pratap Singh

Head of Communication and Outreach

Sameer is a grade 11 high school student studying Physics, Chemistry and Biology. He has helped us the most to popularize Maddyz Physics on ‘offline sources’.

He is interested in Physics and he likes to read Stephen Hawking’s books.

Based in Palwal, India.

Writers (Bloggers)

Nakul Kaushik

Astronomy, Physics and Technology/Engineering Writer

Nakul is currently a grade 11 student studying Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science.

Vishal Raj Bais

Physics and Mathematics Writer

Vishal, currently in 11th grade, is a Physics fanatic. He holds his expertise in Mathematics and Chemistry as well. Always eager to learn, he is well versed in the latest scientific developments.

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