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Maddyz Physics is a science website founded by Madhur Sorout on January 15, 2018.

The website features a number of descriptive articles from a range of topics of Physics, Astronomy, Cosmology, Mathematics, Technology, Engineering and Chemistry.

The website also keeps you updated with LATEST SCIENCE NEWS.




Founder of Maddyz Physics and Chief Author

Madhur Sorout is the ‘team leader’ of Maddyz Physics. He has started and manages Maddyz Physics. He is currently a last third year high school student. His main fascination lies in Physics mainly in the field of general theory of relativity and topics related to it like Big Bang, Black Holes and Evolution of Universe. He likes to make out the meaning of what he see in this universe. He loves to read books by Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson and other authors (and Physicists).  He is an atheist and believes that Physics completely rejects the idea of a god. He likes to play cricket also and he wants to continue down the route of research in Theoretical Astrophysics.


Based in Palwal, India.


Head of Authors' Team

Sanchay is a last third year high school student. He had been a former classmate of Madhur Sorout. Like Madhur, he also loves cricket. He has a passion in science and his main fascination lies in Chemistry, Astronomy, Technology and Physics. He also loves to listen to music in his free time and he also likes to play decent cricket.

Based in Indore, India.


Executive Author

Sathvik is a last third year high school student and he had been a former classmate of Madhur Sorout. He believes in both god and science, which are two opposite concepts. He writes down his views on Geology, Evolutionism, Creationism and other bizzare topics.
Based in Raipur, Chhatisgarh

Head of Communication Team

Sameer is a last third year high school student and a classmate of Madhur Sorout. He has helped us the most to popularize Maddyz Physics on ‘non-online’ places. He is interested in Physics and he likes to read Stephen Hawking’s books. He is also a great follower of Madhur Sorout and is inspired by him. He has popularized Maddyz Physics all over his (and Madhur’s) school.

Based in Palwal, India.