Greatest Mathematicians of India

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Maths is a subject which many fear, but there are some daredevils, who fearlessly faced the so called “tyrant” and made peace with it. These heroes put magnificent effort and achieved really big. 

Here’s a list of three of them who were from India!


As you’ve guessed, Father of Indian Mathematics, the great Aryabhatta is a must to include in this list. Born in 476 A.D., he contributed not only to mathematics, but also did excellent work in astronomy as well. 

He gave the value of pi(π)= 3.1416 assigning the number 62832/20000 to it.

In his book Aryabhatiyam, he wrote about solving quadratic equations, calculating square roots, method to obtain sine tables and many other topics.

And contrary to what many believe, he neither invented nor discovered zero[0]!

Yes, you read it right!! He made this concept familiar to Asians, but did not invent it.

Srinivasa Ramanujan

Ever wondered what would be the sum of all numbers from 1 to infinity? Meet the genius who calculated this, Srinivasa Ramanujan. Born on 22 December, 1887, he was truly a prodigy. 

Ramanujan summation, discussed above, states the sum of all positive numbers is -1/12! Weird, right!!

Click Here to know more about the sum of all positive integers!

Initially isolated from the rest of the mathematical world, he proved many existing theorems and proposed many mind boggling theorems which were later proven.

Some of his famous works include Mock theta functions, Ramanujan conjecture, Ramanujan prime, Ramanujan’s master theorem, Analytical theory of numbers, elliptical functions… the list goes on and on upto 3900 results and theorems!!

He was also one of the youngest Fellows of the Royal Society.

Unfortunately, he died at a young age of 32 because of hepatic amoebiasis, caused by liver parasites.

Shakuntala Devi

Born on 4th November 1929, she has been beating computers in calculating huge mathematical operations (like, incredibly huge) ever since.

Because of her incredible skills, she made it to The Guinness Book of World Records (1982 edition).

She is rightly called “Human computer”. (“Computer Crusher” would have been a better name!)

Some of her whopping calculations are:

  • Extracted the 23rd root of a 201-digit number, giving the answer 546,372,891 in 50 seconds, faster than the fastest computer at that time.
  •  Multiplied 7,686,369,774,870 and 2,465,099,745,779 calculating the 26- digit answer in 28 seconds.
  •  Calculated cube root of 95,443,993 as     457 in 2 seconds.  
  •  Calculated the 8th root of 20,047,612,231,936 as 46 in 10 seconds.

She is also an author, writing several books and novels on puzzles and numbers.

And here, this endless list comes to an end (I know, I know).

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