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Nuclear Bombs on Mars!

Elon musk, who is famous for once hosting the meme review, really wants to do some nuclear play on Mars. Back in 2015, he suggested that dropping some nuclear bombs on Mars can quickly terraform it!

He is back with this idea to nuke mars. He recently posted “Nuke Mars!” on twitter aslo.


Why Musk wants to Nuke the Red Planet?

So, here is the straight reason of why he wants to do this: To quickly change the climate of Mars, which can possibly make it habitable for living beings.

As ice caps are present on the poles of Mars, the SpaceX CEO believes that by hitting the planet by nuclear weapons can melt the ice caps releasing a large amount of water vapours and carbon di-oxide, both of which are greenhouse gases. This will lead to a sudden greenhouse effect (trapping of Sun’s Heat due to greenhouse gases) that will increase the temperature and atmospheric pressure on Mars.

This may also thicken the atmosphere of Mars (but, solar winds will take that away soon as Mars has no magnetic field of its own!).

He even published an article in the journal NEW SPACE in 2017 and suggested that Mars can be converted into a 1 million people colony in less than 100 years.

He may also launch “Nuke Mars” merchandise, as he tweeted.

And he seems quite serious about launching the merch!


Will SpaceX Send Humans to the Red Planet?

SpaceX is currently testing a prototype version of its rocket to Mars called Starship, which Musk hopes will eventually send humans to Mars.

The prototype for this ship, called Starhopper, just had its first successful test after a previous launch went wrong. NASA is hoping to use rockets from SpaceX for future visits to the moon and Mars.



Smith, Dave. 2019. “Elon Musk Wants to Drop Nuclear Bombs on Mars.” ScienceAlert. 2019.

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Madhur Sorout is currently a fifteen-year-old high school senior from India. His main fascination lies with the subject of physics, mainly in the field of the general theory of relativity and topics related to it like the Big Bang, black holes and the evolution of the universe. He likes to make sense of what he sees in this universe.

He has founded the (popular) science website – Maddyz Physics ( He is also a physics and astrophysics editor for the Young Scientists Journal.

He loves to read books by Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson and other authors (and physicists). Inspired by their work, Madhur wrote Astrophysics Simplified: A Simple Guide to the Universe. He started to write this book when he was 14.

A diehard fan of fiction, Madhur also likes to play cricket and wants to continue down the route of research in theoretical astrophysics.

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