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“Astrophysics Simplified: A Simple Guide to the Universe” Coming Soon!

The book on which I was working for a year will be published (and listed) within 5 days and will be available on online stores like Amazon (eBook and Printed Version), Flipkart (Printed Version), Google Play Store (eBook version), Notion Press Store (Printed and eBook Version) and many other leading online stores!
The book will be distributed both in India and Internationally.

I will let you know when the book will be listed on all the online stores.

Cove of the book (Astrophysics Simplified)

Below are some brief details of the book:

Title – Astrophysics Simplified: A Simple Guide to the Universe

Printed Version – Rs. 199
Ebook Version – Rs. 60

Length – 194 Pages

Size – 5 by 8 inches

Publisher – Notion Press (

Sponsors –
1. Maddyz Physics (

2. Jalayoga India (Founded by Partap Singh Dagar ) (

1. Understanding Newton’s Physics
2. The Meaning of Relativity
3. The Relativistic Effects
4. Light Cones
5. The Foundation of General Relativity
6. Curved Space-time and Gravitational Waves
7. The Uncertainty Principle and Quantum Physics
8. The Creation and Evolution of our Universe
9. Relativity and Time Travel

Brief Description:
Written by a 15-year-old high schooler, Astrophysics Simplified: A Simple Guide to the Universe is inspired by books like A Brief History of Time and Astrophysics for People in a Hurry.

This is a popular science (science for a general audience) book. It mainly focuses on the major developments in science by Aristotle and Ptolemy to physicists like Stephen Hawking and Richard Muller.

The various concepts of physics, like relativity and quantum physics, are explained in this book along with various topics in astrophysics and cosmology.

There is limited mathematics in this book, but some major equations are included. I have done so because one cannot grasp the true ‘beauty’ in physics without seeing the mathematical or abstract parts alongside practical laws.

Physics is to mathematics what Tony Stark (Iron Man) is to J.A.R.V.I.S. or F.R.I.D.AY. The groundwork of computations, statistics, simulations etc. is done by F.R.I.D.A.Y. But, the real work of fighting the villains is done by Iron Man.

Madhur Sorout View All

Madhur Sorout is currently a fifteen-year-old high school senior from India. His main fascination lies with the subject of physics, mainly in the field of the general theory of relativity and topics related to it like the Big Bang, black holes and the evolution of the universe. He likes to make sense of what he sees in this universe.

He has founded the (popular) science website – Maddyz Physics ( He is also a physics and astrophysics editor for the Young Scientists Journal.

He loves to read books by Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson and other authors (and physicists). Inspired by their work, Madhur wrote Astrophysics Simplified: A Simple Guide to the Universe. He started to write this book when he was 14.

A diehard fan of fiction, Madhur also likes to play cricket and wants to continue down the route of research in theoretical astrophysics.

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    • This actually depends on what you mean by reality or what reality means according to you.

      The Universe would have no meaning if there isn’t any observer to observe the reality.

      I mean that reality has no meaning if there is no one to observe/perceive it.

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