The Bridges of Space-time

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According to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, there are some ‘Bridges‘ in space-time known as ‘WORMHOLES‘ or ‘EINSTEIN-ROSEN BRIDGES‘.

They either connect two points (locations) in space or time or in both space and time, arising a strong possibility of TIME TRAVEL (as they link two points in time).

Wormholes are equivalent to ‘Portals‘ in science fictions.

The opening of a wormhole is a ‘BLACK HOLE‘ and the other end is a ‘WHITE HOLE‘ (which throws matter out).

But, to keep wormholes open continuously, requires a lot of energy.

There are actually a number of Wormholes all around us, but at ‘QUANTUM SCALE’ (very small-scale)! Only very small particles like ‘HIGGS BOSONS’ can travel through them!

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