The Destroyer of Time

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According to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, Time stops at the ‘Boundary‘ of a Black Hole, known as ‘EVENT HORIZON‘!

And, according to some theories, inside a Black Hole there is no existence of Space and Time.

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Above Infographic is developed by Madhur Sorout and is © Maddyz Physics.

2 Replies to “The Destroyer of Time”

  1. In Black Hole, time doesn’t exist and the boundary called event horizon is point of no return. The centre of black hole is singularity. Thanks!

    Please make a blog on white hole and dark energy or dark matter

    1. Jatin, you may know that we are currently publishing ‘Mini Blog Posts’ which are short in length as you can observe. In Mini Blog Posts, we don’t go in detail of topic but describe a science fact. We are not currently getting much time to write full length articles due to various reasons (like board classes and I am also working on my book).

      You can read our full length articles also at the following links to the collection of full-length articles:

      There are a number of full-length articles and you may take time to discover them! There is a lot of information on our site if you discover…
      And, on your request, we’ll definitely publish something on white holes, dark matter and dark energy.. 😀
      With Regards,
      Madhur Sorout

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