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This is a type of ‘YEAR IN REVIEW’ post, like, what happened to us in 2018 and the month before (January 2019).

I and the other authors on the blog were quite inactive, due to other tasks (studies etc.) and some administrative reasons as well. And, as I am working on my book, I didn’t get time to write an article on the blog.

Many things had happened to MADDYZ PHYSICS in the while like we have been ranked in TOP 100 SCIENCE BLOGS by FEEDSPOT! (Across the World),and, we have changed our logo —

Official Logo of Maddyz Physics
Official Logo of Maddyz Physics. Developed by MADHUR SOROUT.

Our ‘BADGE’ from Feedspot for top 100 Science Blogs  —
Science Blogs



We were not active here, but we were active on our FACEBOOK PAGE, our TWITTER and INSTAGRAM. For future updates of Maddyz Physics (like our upcoming projects etc.), stay tuned to our Facebook Page. We are very active on Facebook.

Our birthday (Foundation Day) (January 15) also passed about a month ago and we completed one year on Jan 15, 2019 (The blog was founded on January 15, 2018)! And, our new logo was chose by our followers through polls organized by us on various social platforms! The logo was launched on our anniversary.

Some posts on our Facebook Page regarding the poll and the foundation day —




When I was reading Stephen Hawking’s ‘A Brief History of Time‘ back in January of 2018, I just got an idea to start something like a WordPress (.com) blog.

I just created a blog named Maddyz Physics on and started it with an article titled ‘CREATION OF UNIVERSE IN BRIEF‘.

Some of my friends ask me why I named it ‘MADDYZ’. Because, my name is ‘MADHUR’ and many people having this name or similar name are nicknamed ‘Maddy’ (which I don’t like). So, I got an idea to name it Maddy’s Physics. But, this was not a unique name I wanted, so, I removed the apostrophe (‘) from it and decided to name it Maddys Physics. But, this sound awkward to me. I always liked ‘z’ instead of ‘s’. So, I finally named it Maddyz Physics and same name is going till now.

I was initially alone till March 2018 and then my former classmate and a good friend of mine, Sanchay Upadhyay, joined me as he liked the idea behind MADDYZ PHYSICS (our aim is to popularize science among general audience).  He wrote some interesting articles and is working on another article currently which will be published after a few days.

Then in July of 2018, a (current) classmate, Sameer Pratap Singh joined us. He don’t write articles but he helps us very much to spread influence. He has played an important role in this task. He is like a ‘OFFLINE MARKETER’ for us!

Then in about September of 2018, another former classmate and a good friend of mine, Siddavatam Sathvik, joined us. He has also helped us in the marketing task, and, he has also wrote a very interesting article, COULD FIRE BREATHING DRAGONS BE REAL? It’s very short in length but highly descriptive and interesting.

In September 2018, we bought a domain (and hosting), for the blog.

We have currently more than 20 articles and posts published on our website and we have some future projects on which we will start to work soon!

I shall remain inactive for some time due to the book I am working on and some other reasons also.


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