First Real Image of a Black Hole: Coming Soon!

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According to Physicists working on the ‘EVENT HORIZON TELESCOPE’, the first real image of a real black hole should be obtained on March 14, 2019!

So, save the date!

Above Infographic is developed by Madhur Sorout and is © Maddyz Physics


2 Replies to “First Real Image of a Black Hole: Coming Soon!”

  1. Thank you so much for confirming the date for the results: news of the image results coming out “soon” has been floating on the net going on *months* at this point!

    Please all journalists and bloggers, “soon” means a matter of a *few* (i.e. less than four) weeks. Please, please try to get at least ballpark release dates for major events like this.

    I consider this is a major news event since no one has actually imaged a black hole before as fast as I know. Wasted a lot of time pursuing stale links from the poor reporting.

    Thanks again Madhur!

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