Goodbye Oppy and Welcome InSight

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The Opportunity rover mission started by NASA has now come to an end after a remarkable 15 years on Mars.

Actually due to a storm on Mars the solar panels of Opportunity were covered by dust due to which it discharged. So, it became unresponsive since June 10, 2018 but it sent a last signal on February 12, 2019 which was—

“My Battery Is Low And It’s Getting Dark”

Image Source: @marstronauts Instagram

But, the good news on another hand is that NASA recently launched another Mars Mission, titled InSight!

NASA InSight Lander
Image Source: Wikipedia

The lander was launched on May 5, 2018 and landed on the Red Planet on November 26, 2018.

InSight‘s primary objective is to study the earliest evolutionary history of the processes that shaped Mars.

One of the most remarkable achievement of InSight (which is also of general interest) is that it has recorded the sound of ‘Martian Winds’.

‘The Sound of Mars’ —

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