Atheists are more Intelligent than Theists

Science and Religion are considered as antonyms of each other, generally.

In your brain also, science and religion are ‘fighting‘ with each other. Not only in metaphorical sense, but in a real, physical altercation. These results are found by researchers from Case Western Reserve University (Ohio) and Babson College (Massachusetts).

The researchers found that theists are more likely to be involved in religious practices and their faith often suppress their brain to think analytical thinking. The religious people, instead, engage the empathetic network.

“When there’s a question of faith, from the analytic point of view, it may seem absurd,”

said the research team’s leader Professor Tony Jack. He continued,

“But, from what we understand about the brain, the leap of faith to belief in the supernatural amounts to pushing aside the critical/analytical way of thinking to help us achieve greater social and emotional insight.”

The researchers conducted eight experiments, each one with 159 to 527 adults. They found a correlation that the more empathetic person was more likely religious. This also fits with a previous finding that women tend to be more religious or spiritual than men, which can now be explained by their stronger tendency towards empathy.

On the other hand, researchers found that theists are not as smart and intelligent as the atheists.

Intelligence is not as important a characteristic to the theists.

Religious or Stupid? Image taken from Some editions done by Madhur Sorout.

“Our studies confirmed that statistical relationship, but at the same time showed that people with faith are more prosocial and empathic,”

said Richard Boyatzis, a Case Western University Reserve Professor.

Please note that the content in this section is not included with the intention to harm anyone’s feeling.

So, now, a question arises, if one is a theist, one can’t be a scientist?

Let’s analyse!

For a minute, forget all sciences except Physics.

The reason is that actually Physics is the only thing in science. It is the most fundamental. All other sciences are actually specialized aspects of Physics.

It means that other sciences can’t be applied everywhere in the universe, but, Physics is the only one which can be applied to everywhere in the universe — In the world inside us and the world beyond us.

And, also, Physics is the science which strongly rejects the idea of God. The ideas like Big Bang, Black Holes etc. are a strong rejection of God.

The people who believe in God and spiritualism don’t think about to search the reason for existence of God, and, also strong belief in God, spiritualism and religion forget that everything going on in this universe has a meaning. Anything can’t happen without a meaning or reason.

Physics make us to think about the universe, to search for the mysteries of universe and finding reasons of the natural phenomena.

So, to think by heart, you should firstly ‘delete‘ God from your brain.

So, we have probably got the answer of the question. The answer is —

If one want to be a true scientist / Physicist, one must be an atheist.


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